Top 6 Sodium-Ion Battery Companies [2024]

The global shift towards clean energy and sustainable solutions has led to significant advancements in battery technology. Among these, sodium-ion batteries have emerged as a promising alternative to traditional lithium-ion batteries, offering higher energy efficiency, lower manufacturing costs, and a more environmentally friendly profile. Here, we explore some of the top companies leading the charge in sodium-ion battery technology.

Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Ltd. (CATL)

CATL is a Chinese company that has made significant strides in sodium-ion battery technology. The company’s first-generation sodium-ion battery boasts an energy density of 160Wh/kg, with the ability to charge to 80% in just 15 minutes at room temperature. CATL’s sodium-ion batteries also demonstrate excellent thermal stability and high-integration efficiency, making them a promising solution for various transportation electrification applications, especially in regions with extremely low temperatures.

Faradion Limited

Faradion Limited is a UK-based company that has been acquired by the Indian conglomerate Reliance Industries. Faradion is a pioneer in non-aqueous sodium-ion cell technology, with a wide-ranging patent position relating to sodium-ion batteries. The company’s technology is seen as an attractive alternative to lithium-ion batteries due to its safety and cost-effectiveness. Faradion’s batteries are expected to be produced in India based on the company’s technology.

HiNa Battery Technology Co., Ltd

HiNa Battery Technology Co., Ltd is a Chinese company focused on the development and production of a new generation of energy storage systems: sodium-ion batteries. The company recently unveiled three sodium-ion battery cell products with energy densities ranging from 140 Wh/kg to 155 Wh/kg. HiNa’s sodium-ion batteries are geared towards mainstream market demand, offering advantages such as a wide temperature range and high power. The company is ready for mass production and is advancing cooperation with a number of leading companies.


Northvolt is a Swedish company that has developed a state-of-the-art sodium-ion battery with an energy density of over 160 watt-hours per kilogram. The company’s sodium-ion technology delivers the performance required to enable energy storage with longer duration at a lower cost, thereby opening new pathways to deploying renewable power generation. Northvolt’s sodium-ion batteries are produced without any critical metals, using only globally abundant, low-cost materials.


Tiamat is a French company that designs, develops, and manufactures sodium-ion batteries for mobility and stationary energy storage applications. The company’s batteries are known for their fast charging capabilities, being able to charge in just 5 minutes, and their high level of safety. Tiamat has recently secured €30 million in funding to start its third round of financing, with plans to build a sodium-ion battery factory in France with an annual capacity of 5 gigawatt-hours.


Altris is a Swedish company that has made significant strides in the development of sodium-ion batteries. The company’s batteries are made from abundant raw materials and are free from conflict minerals such as nickel and cobalt, offering a sustainable and high-performance energy storage solution. Altris has achieved a milestone by presenting a commercial-sized sodium-ion battery cell with an energy density of 160 Wh/kg, which is on par with the most widely used lithium-ion chemistry LFP.These companies are contributing to the advancement of sodium-ion battery technology, offering promising alternatives to traditional lithium-ion batteries with their innovative and sustainable solutions. As the demand for energy storage increases, sodium-ion batteries are poised to play a crucial role in the transition to a more sustainable future.

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