Enhancing Sodium-Ion Battery Capacity: UoH & TIFR’s Breakthrough

Enhancing Sodium-ion Battery Capacity

The University of Hyderabad (UoH) and the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR) have made a significant breakthrough in energy storage technology. They have developed a Tin antimony alloy based reduced graphene oxide composite. This innovation could greatly improve the energy storage of sodium-ion batteries.

Sodium-ion batteries are known for their high energy efficiency and rapid charging capabilities. They are resilient to extreme temperatures and offer safety against overheating. Unlike traditional batteries, they do not rely on lithium, cobalt, copper, or nickel. This reduces the risk of emitting harmful gases in case of a fire.

Despite their advantages, sodium-ion batteries have a lower energy density compared to Lithium-ion counterparts. They range from 140 Wh/Kg to 160 Wh/kg, while Lithium-ion batteries range from 180 Wh/Kg to 250 Wh/Kg.

Researchers at UoH’s Centre for Advanced Studies and Electronics Science and Technology have created a composite material. It shows promise for fast charging sodium-ion batteries. This material could be a game-changer for fast charge-discharge energy storage applications.

PhD Scholar Arya Sohan and Dr. Pratap Kollu, the principal investigator, led the research. The Institute of Eminence project grant funded the study at UoH. Their findings are now published in the Journal of Energy Storage.


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