Northvolt’s Sodium-Ion Battery Breakthrough Surpasses LFP

Northvolt has achieved a significant breakthrough in Sodium-ion Battery technology, reaching an energy density of 160 Wh/kg. This advancement positions Northvolt’s Na-ion batteries as a competitive alternative to traditional LFP cells in terms of cost and energy density.

With major car brands like Toyota investing in solid-state batteries, Northvolt’s focus on enhancing sodium-ion technology offers a more immediate, practical solution. The Swedish firm’s Na-ion batteries match the energy density of LFP batteries, which power many affordable EVs, and are safer at high temperatures.

The Prussian-White cathode material is key to Northvolt’s success, eliminating the need for cobalt, lithium, graphite, and nickel. This allows for the use of locally-sourced materials, such as hard carbon for the anode. Northvolt’s Na-ion batteries are not only cost-effective but also environmentally friendly.

Northvolt plans to initiate production of its Na-ion batteries for stationary storage before targeting the electric vehicle market. The company highlights the chemistry’s temperature safety as particularly suitable for warmer regions, including the Middle East and Africa.


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