Emerging Battery Technologies for Efficient Energy Storage


Emerging battery technologies play a crucial role in combating climate change. The growing interest in these technologies is evident in the increasing number of announcements, reports, and press releases on the subject.

Renewable Energy and Energy Storage

Renewable energy, with the aid of energy storage systems, is a major element in making the power grid resilient to extreme weather events. Experts assert that energy storage is essential for transitioning away from fossil-fuel based generation.

Latest Developments in Battery Technologies

Recent research and development (R&D) focus on solid-state lithium batteries, which reportedly have twice the capacity of today’s Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries. Other R&D efforts explore alternatives to Li-ion batteries, especially for utility-scale battery systems.

Redox Flow-Battery Advancements

Redox flow-batteries, composed of two liquid electrolytes separated by a membrane, are gaining traction. The Department of Energy (DOE) is funding R&D and demonstration projects for grid-scale redox-flow batteries.

Sodium-Ion (Na-ion) Batteries

Na-ion batteries are drawing interest due to the lower cost of sodium compared to lithium. Despite their larger size, they are suitable for utility-scale storage applications. Currently, about 20 Na-ion battery factories are being planned or under construction globally.

Liquid Metal Batteries

Liquid metal battery technology is also advancing. Xcel Energy is installing a unit of Ambri’s liquid metal battery as part of a demonstration project. Ambri’s battery is designed to be fully charged and discharged twice a day for its 20-year lifetime.


Other breakthrough technologies, such as gravity batteries, oxygen-ion batteries, zinc-air batteries, and iron-air batteries, are also finding their way to the power grid. Keeping up with these technological developments is crucial in our fight against climate change.


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