AMTE Power Advances in Equity Investment Talks for £2.5m Subscription

AMTE Power is making strides in securing a £2.5m equity investment. The company, a developer and manufacturer of advanced battery cells, has confirmed progress in discussions and due diligence with a potential investor. As of now, AMTE Power has enough funds to last until the week starting November 27.

However, this capital alone won’t cover the company’s financial needs until the investment is finalized. AMTE Power is actively engaging with equity providers and other parties to secure the necessary bridging finance. A further update is expected early next week.

Should these negotiations fail, AMTE Power faces the risk of not fulfilling its financial commitments. This could lead to administration or another insolvency process, with uncertain outcomes for shareholder value recovery.

Previously, the London Stock Exchange suspended trading of AMTE Power shares due to settlement performance issues. Despite financial challenges, the company remains committed to innovation. It aims to launch next-generation battery cells for the electric vehicle and energy storage markets. These new products are designed to address power delivery, energy performance, and safety concerns.

Founded in 2013 and listed on the AIM market since March 2021, AMTE Power is also planning to construct a ‘megafactory’ in Dundee. The company’s future hinges on successful funding strategies, including the potential £2.5m recapitalization and ongoing investment talks.

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