Encorp and Natron Energy Unveil First Hybrid Power Platform

Encorp and Natron Energy’s Hybrid Power Platform

Encorp, LLC and Natron Energy, Inc., global leaders in distributed energy solutions and Sodium-ion Battery manufacturing respectively, have unveiled a modular, scalable Hybrid Power Platform. This platform uses Natron’s sodium-ion batteries for backup and peak shaving energy source. It’s the first multi-megawatt class hybrid power platform optimized for diesel and natural gas generators in microgrids and industrial power applications.

Decarbonizing Industrial Power Applications

The Hybrid Power Platform, featuring Natron’s Sodium-ion Battery technology, is a significant stride towards decarbonizing industrial power applications. It optimizes energy consumption of large fleets of diesel and natural gas-fired generators by managing peak loads and regeneration swings.

Safest Battery Technology

The partnership with Natron ensures Encorp’s Hybrid Power Platform uses the safest battery technology available. Natron’s battery technology is the only UL-listed Sodium-ion Battery in production and is nonflammable.

Cost-Effective Sustainable Energy Solution

The Hybrid Power Platform is not only a sustainable energy solution but also highly cost-effective. Companies can reduce carbon emissions by an estimated 25 to 40% and take advantage of tax credits. They can expect to recoup their investment in less than two years in reduced fuel costs alone.

Encorp and Natron Partnership

Natron is pleased to partner with Encorp on this robust design for the industry’s first multi-megawatt class Hybrid Power Platform. Encorp’s design ensures ease of build, integration, and deployment for a variety of industrial power applications.

Encorp is accepting orders now for delivery in 2024. For more information, please visit encorp.com/contact-us.

About Natron Energy and Encorp

Natron Energy manufactures Sodium-ion Battery products for a wide variety of industrial power applications. Encorp has provided energy-technology hardware and software products for 400+ microgrids and related applications worldwide. Learn more about Natron and its sodium-ion technology at Natron.energy and about Encorp’s legacy and ongoing technology-development efforts at Encorp.com.


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