Altris and Clarios Unite to Advance Sodium-Ion Batteries

In an exciting development, the Altris and Clarios sodium-ion battery partnership is set to transform the automotive industry. This collaboration between Clarios, a leader in low-voltage battery solutions, and Altris, a pioneer in sodium-ion technology, aims to introduce cutting-edge sodium-ion (Na-ion) batteries. This significant move towards sustainable and efficient energy solutions is tailored for both new and existing vehicles.

The Need for Advanced Battery Technology in Modern Vehicles

As the automotive world evolves towards hybrid and electric models, the Altris and Clarios sodium-ion battery partnership addresses the rising demand for advanced, software-driven functionalities. These include steer-by-wire and brake-by-wire systems, along with autonomous features. This shift highlights the necessity for reliable low-voltage networks, pushing manufacturers to diversify their battery technology portfolio.

The Dynamic Clarios and Altris Partnership

In this partnership, Clarios contributes its extensive expertise in low-voltage systems, crucial in shaping sodium-ion cell specifications. Altris, with its specialization in sodium-ion cathode material and battery cell technology, is set to develop Na-ion cells specifically for the automotive battery market.

The Green Advantage of Sodium-Ion Batteries

The Altris and Clarios collaboration focuses on the environmental benefits of sodium-ion batteries. These batteries, made from common materials like salt, wood, iron, and air, are sustainable and recyclable, steering clear of conflict minerals and harmful elements. The partnership’s goal is to develop a Na-ion battery with up to 60 volts capacity, enhancing the multi-battery low-voltage system in vehicles.

Shaping the Future of Automotive Batteries

The Altris and Clarios sodium-ion battery partnership is not just about creating a new technology; it’s about revolutionizing the automotive industry’s energy approach. The aim is to establish a comprehensive production plan for low-voltage battery systems using Na-ion cells, marking a significant stride in automotive battery technology and aiding the industry’s circularity goals.

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