Farasis Energy’s Sodium-Ion Batteries Power First EV Rollout

Farasis Energy has achieved a significant milestone in the electric vehicle (EV) industry by rolling out the world’s first EV powered by sodium-ion batteries. This groundbreaking development signals the dawn of a new era in battery technology, with the JMEV EV3 (Youth Edition) leading the charge as the first A00-class EV equipped with these innovative batteries.

Pioneering the Sodium Battery Era

The JMEV EV3 offers a range of 251km, catering to the needs of younger drivers for daily commuting and city travel. Farasis Energy’s sodium-ion batteries showcase impressive benchmarks, with an energy density of 140 to 160Wh/kg and excellent safety credentials. The batteries’ low-temperature performance effectively addresses the range challenges faced by EVs in colder climates, a common issue that has been a significant barrier to EV adoption in many regions.Farasis Energy is not resting on its laurels; the company is already planning the launch of its second-generation sodium-ion batteries in 2024. With energy densities projected to reach 160-180Wh/kg and further plans to increase this to 180-200Wh/kg by 2026, Farasis Energy is setting the pace for the industry.

Expanding Market Reach

To broaden the adoption of its sodium-ion battery products, Farasis Energy is forging partnerships across various segments, including micro electric vehicles, electric two-wheelers, battery-swapping services, and energy storage systems (ESS). The company’s mass production of sodium-ion batteries positions it to diversify its product portfolio and meet diverse market needs, thereby expanding its market reach and influence.

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