JAC Yiwei Electric Vehicles: Pioneering Sodium-Ion Battery Technology

Introduction to JAC Yiwei’s Electric Vehicles

In a groundbreaking move for the electric vehicle (EV) industry, JAC Yiwei has commenced the first-ever exports of electric cars equipped with sodium-ion batteries. This marks a significant milestone, not only for JAC Yiwei but for the broader adoption and development of Sodium-ion Battery technology in Electric Vehicles. Central and South America are the fortunate regions to receive these pioneering vehicles, with a total of 10,000 units on their way.

Yiwei’s Innovative Electric Cars

At the forefront of this innovation are two models: the Yiwei 3 and the E10X, showcasing distinct advances in EV technology. The Yiwei 3, powered by LFP batteries, features impressive options of a 70 or 100 kW electric motor paired with a 41 or 51.5 kWh battery. This model promises robust performance and reliability. On the other hand, the E10X stands out with its Sodium-ion Battery, offering an admirable energy content of 23.2 kWh for 230 kilometers per charge according to the Chinese standard, with a future variant expected to extend the range to 300 kilometers.

Advantages of Sodium-Ion Batteries

Sodium-ion batteries present a cost-effective, complementary solution to lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries, according to Xia Shunli, Chairman of Yiwei. Their development is seen as pivotal in making Electric Vehicles more accessible and popular among the masses. With an energy density of 120 Wh/kg and an impressive charging rate, these batteries signify a leap towards more sustainable and efficient electric mobility solutions.

Yiwei’s Commitment to Electric Mobility

JAC Yiwei’s venture into sodium-ion technology underlines its commitment to innovation in the electric vehicle sector. The collaboration of JAC with Volkswagen Anhui and the subsequent launch of the Yiwei brand reflect a strategic focus on advancing EV technology. The investment in Sodium-ion Battery research and development showcases a determined approach to offer diverse and advanced electric mobility options.

As Electric Vehicles continue to evolve, JAC Yiwei’s pioneering use of sodium-ion batteries is set to play a critical role in shaping the future of electric mobility, promising a more sustainable, efficient, and cost-effective choice for consumers worldwide.

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