IBU-Tec Unveils Sodium-Ion Battery Cathode Material

IBU-Tec’s New Sodium-ion Battery Cathode Material

IBU-Tec Advanced Materials has introduced a new cathode material for sodium-ion batteries. This Weimar-based German company is the first in Europe to mass-produce and sell sodium manganese oxide (NMO).

IBU-Tec’s Previous Achievements and New Product

Previously, IBU-Tec gained recognition for its LFP battery material. In 2022 and spring 2023, they announced orders for LFP cathode material production for Electric Vehicles. Now, they’ve launched a new product, IBUvolt NMO.

Benefits of the New NMO Product

The new NMO product forms the foundation for innovative sodium-ion batteries that don’t need lithium or other scarce raw materials. It’s mainly for use in smaller Electric Vehicles and stationary energy storage systems.

IBU-Tec’s Development and Optimization of NMO

Since 2021, IBU-tec has been enhancing the development and optimization of NMO. They’ve developed a two-stage process for more energy-efficient production.

Environmental Impact and Cost of NMO

NMO consists mostly of common environmental materials. Sodium-ion batteries could be produced more cheaply and eco-friendly than Lithium-ion batteries. However, they have a lower energy density and higher weight.

IBU-Tec’s Position in the Battery Sector

IBU-tec, already a technology leader in Europe for LFP cathode material, is now a pioneer in the Sodium-ion Battery field. This positions them in another growth market.

IBU-Tec’s New Subsidiary

In mid-March, IBU-Tec Advanced Materials AG established IBUvolt Battery Materials GmbH to highlight the growing importance of the battery materials business.


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