Altris Receives $7.6M for Sodium-Ion Battery Plant

Altris, a leading developer of sodium-ion batteries, has recently secured substantial financial support of $7.6 million from the Swedish Energy Agency. This endorsement not only underscores the potential of sodium-ion battery technology in the sustainable energy sector but also propels Altris towards becoming Europe’s premier sodium-ion battery supplier.

A Leap Towards Sustainable Energy Solutions

The Swedish Energy Agency’s backing is part of the Industrial Leap and NextGenerationEU programs. This investment is earmarked for the establishment of a pilot plant dedicated to the production of sodium-ion battery cells that are both sustainable and safe.

Altris stands at the forefront of the battery industry with its commitment to better, safer, and genuinely sustainable batteries. The company’s innovative technology utilizes abundant raw materials, steering clear of conflict minerals and toxic elements such as lithium, nickel, and cobalt. The result is a battery that boasts a longer lifespan, flexible operating temperatures, and enhanced safety features.

In November 2023, Altris made headlines with the introduction of a sodium-ion battery cell that achieved an energy density exceeding 160 Wh/Kg. This breakthrough positions the technology as commercially viable, particularly for applications like sustainable energy storage systems.

The Road to Gigascale Production

With the Swedish Energy Agency’s support, Altris is set to take a significant stride in its commercialization journey. The forthcoming pilot plant in Uppsala, Sweden, aims to refine the development and production of sodium-ion battery cells. The ultimate goal is to reach gigascale production capacity in collaboration with industry partners.

Christer Bergquist, CFO and deputy CEO of Altris, expressed pride in receiving the agency’s support, stating, “It is a true testimony of the potential of sodium-ion battery technology and its important role in driving the transition towards electrification and sustainable energy systems.”


The financial support from the Swedish Energy Agency is a pivotal moment for Altris and the broader sustainable energy landscape. As the company accelerates its efforts to supply Europe with cutting-edge sodium-ion batteries, the future of energy storage is poised to become more sustainable and efficient.


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