TAILG’s Sodium-Ion Battery: A Leap in China’s Electric Two-Wheelers

TAILG, a renowned leader in electric two-wheelers, has recently unveiled its groundbreaking sodium-ion battery technology in China, signaling a new epoch in the realm of electric mobility. TAILG’s Sodium-Ion Battery boasts remarkable long-range capabilities, enhanced safety features, and superior performance in low temperatures, setting a new benchmark in the electric two-wheeler industry.

The introduction of this technology is particularly significant in the global electric two-wheeler market, which is witnessing a rapid growth rate of over 20% annually. Despite this growth, range anxiety has been a persistent challenge, hindering further advancement in the sector. TAILG’s sodium-ion battery technology, launched at the China (Beijing) Light Electric Vehicle Battery Forum, represents a pivotal step in overcoming this hurdle.

Sun Muchu, Executive President of TAILG Group, emphasized the four key advantages of their new battery technology:

  1. Super Long Range: The battery can achieve a range of 115 kilometers even at temperatures below 0°C, maintaining a speed of 25km/h.
  2. Extended Lifecycle: With over 2,000 cycles, it lasts 5-7 times longer than conventional lead-acid batteries.
  3. Exceptional Cold Weather Performance: Retaining about 93% of its capacity at -20°C, it is ideal for winter usage.
  4. Enhanced Safety: The battery’s safety performance surpasses industry standards, thanks to its IPX7-grade waterproof technology.

TAILG is incorporating this technology into its luxury e-bike range, targeting discerning consumers. As the first to use sodium-ion batteries in electric two-wheelers, TAILG is building a comprehensive ecosystem of R&D, products, and marketing.

Frost & Sullivan, a global consulting firm, has recognized TAILG as a leader in long-range electric two-wheelers. This accolade, along with TAILG’s commitment to sustainable electric mobility, underscores its industry leadership.

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