Altris and Stora Enso Team Up

Altris, a Swedish Sodium-ion Battery developer, and Stora Enso, a Finnish pulp and paper maker, have teamed up. They aim to adapt Stora Enso’s hard carbon material, Lignode, as an anode material in AltrisSodium-ion Battery cells.

Using Lignin to Innovate Battery Technology

The partnership, announced today, unites AltrisSodium-ion Battery technology and its Prussian White cathode material with Stora Enso’s anode solution Lignode. This collaboration strengthens the development of sustainably sourced batteries and supports a European battery supply chain. Notably, Lignode is derived from lignin, a by-product of pulp manufacturing.

A Promising Partnership for Sustainability

As the partnership evolves over the coming years, the companies aim to commercialize the world’s most sustainable battery. Bjorn Marlid, CEO of Altris, emphasized the importance of this collaboration in establishing a local and clean material supply chain. “At Altris, we strive to establish a local supply chain and leverage abundant and clean materials to develop sodium-ion batteries,” Marlid commented. “Therefore, it’s exciting to team up with Stora Enso and take part in their establishment of a Europe-based tree-to-anode supply chain.”

The Importance of Lignode

Lignode, Stora Enso’s innovative anode material, is crucial to this goal. Derived from lignin, it offers a sustainable and abundant source for battery production. Lignin is a natural polymer found in the cell walls of plants and is a significant by-product of the pulp and paper industry. By using this by-product, Stora Enso and Altris aim to make battery production more sustainable and eco-friendly.

Supporting a European Battery Supply Chain

This partnership also supports the creation of a European battery supply chain. The reliance on local materials reduces dependency on imported raw materials. It also reduces the carbon footprint associated with transport. Through this collaboration, Altris and Stora Enso not only promote sustainability but also economic growth within Europe.

Looking Forward

Altris and Stora Enso’s collaboration marks a significant step in the evolution of battery technology. By focusing on sustainable and local resources, they aim to set new standards in the battery industry. Their commitment to innovation and sustainability is poised to yield the world’s most sustainable batteries, benefiting both the environment and the economy.

Stay tuned as this partnership develops and continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible with sodium-ion batteries.

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