Sodium-Ion E-Bicycle by Alagappa University: A Sustainable Transport Revolution

Introducing the Sodium-Ion E-Bicycle

Alagappa University has pioneered a Sodium-ion Battery-powered electric bicycle, marking a significant shift towards sustainable transportation. This innovation presents a cost-effective and abundant alternative to traditional Lithium-ion batteries.

Sustainable Advancements in Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles are the preferred solution to combat the climate crisis. The sodium-ion technology propels us towards a greener future. The team at H2Next, a joint venture between Alagappa University and industry partners, has developed this bicycle to challenge the status quo.

The Vision of H2Next

V Swaminathan, CEO of H2Next, emphasizes the need for eco-friendly power sources. Sodium-ion batteries offer a solution that’s both abundant and cost-efficient. Unlike Lithium-ion batteries, which are limited and expensive, sodium-ion batteries promise wider accessibility and affordability.

Innovative Charging Technology

H2Next’s e-bicycle doesn’t rely on traditional electricity for charging. Instead, it uses a catalytic material from metallic waste to generate power. This unique approach not only reduces costs to about 46 paisa per kilometer but also leverages recycling for a minimal environmental impact.

Cost-Effective and Eco-Friendly

The e-bicycle is set to hit the market at ₹34,000. With patent rights pending, this e-bicycle stands as a testament to innovation and sustainability. It’s a step forward in reducing pollution and promoting eco-friendly transportation solutions.


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