Automating Battery Development with Empa’s Aurora Robot

Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Testing and Research, Empa, is developing a robot platform, Aurora, to expedite the creation of new energy storage devices.

Empa’s Aurora: Revolutionizing Battery Development

Empa’s Aurora robot aims to automate the laborious and error-prone steps in battery research and development. This automation will enhance the speed and efficiency of the innovation process.

Once operational, Aurora is expected to make the development process ten times faster. However, the robot is still under development at Empa’s laboratories in collaboration with Chemspeed Technologies AG.

Training Aurora

Empa researcher Enea Svaluto-Ferro is currently training Aurora. The robot performs tasks such as weighing, dosing, and assembling cell components with precision. It also initiates and completes charging cycles accurately. The data generated from these tasks will fuel the innovation process.

Aurora’s Versatility

Aurora’s versatility allows it to research not only Lithium-ion batteries but also alternative sodium-ion batteries and batteries with self-healing mechanisms. It aims to bring innovative approaches like saltwater or solid-state batteries to market more efficiently and quickly.

Future Plans for Aurora

In the future, Aurora will learn to work autonomously using machine learning. It will create mathematical models and decide the next steps in the experiment, identifying promising materials and components for battery applications.


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