Farasis Energy Unveils High Performance Heat-Resistant Batteries

Farasis Energy’s Advanced Battery Technology Shines

Farasis Energy’s advancements in battery technology have taken the spotlight at the ASEAN Automotive Supply Chain Conference. Held in Thailand on June 18-19, 2024, the event showcased new energy solutions for vehicles. Mr. Jack Peng of Farasis Energy introduced innovations in power batteries for passenger and commercial vehicles and groundbreaking new applications such as eVTOL and electric bikes.

Battery Performance and Safety Standards

Farasis Energy’s batteries have achieved performance benchmarks with high safety standards, robust temperature adaptability, and long cycle life. The newly developed power batteries operate normally between -30°C and 65°C. In a 25°C environment, a single battery cell cycles 2500 times with SOH > 70%. At 45°C, it cycles 1500 times with SOH > 70%, showing remarkable resilience against high temperatures. The temperature of a single battery cell increases by about 5°C only, demonstrating super stable discharge rates.

Innovative Semi-Solid-State Battery Technology

Farasis Energy is pushing the envelope with their semi-solid-state battery technology. With improved material stability, these batteries boast over 5000 cycles with SOH > 70%. According to rigorous tests, the total driving mileage exceeds 1 million miles (1.6 million kilometers). These advancements make the batteries ideal for varied applications, including passenger cars, commercial vehicles, eVTOLs, and buses. They enhance battery durability, improve operational efficiency, and reduce user costs.

Market Expansion and Leadership

Farasis Energy has been a pioneer in power batteries for 27 years, expanding its automotive business both domestically and internationally. A leader in new energy technologies, Farasis launched the world’s first sodium-ion power battery for electric vehicle customers. They have also delivered to eVTOL end-customers globally. In the two-wheeler market, Farasis is the top power battery enterprise in China’s electric two-wheeler field and holds the largest market share in the global high-performance lithium battery market for electric motorcycles. Their prominence extends to being the largest battery supplier for luxury electric motorcycle ZERO.

Global Impact and Sustainable Solutions

Farasis Energy is driven by market and customer demands, continuing to innovate in battery technology. They explore diversified application scenarios to provide leading green energy solutions worldwide. Through these efforts, Farasis Energy contributes to global energy transformation and promotes sustainable development. Their revolutionary technologies are constantly advancing the boundaries in power battery performance and application fields.

Source: Farasis Energy

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