TDK Ventures Invests in Peak Energy for Sodium-Ion Energy Storage Solutions

TDK Corporation’s subsidiary, TDK Ventures Inc., has invested in Peak Energy. This startup is industrializing sodium-ion to speed up the renewable energy transition. Peak Energy’s innovative approach offers resilient, domestically sourced energy storage. It also provides a safety net against rising energy demands, supply chain volatility, and climate change.

US Energy Consumption and the Need for Energy Storage

The United States’ energy consumption has hit a record high. This surge is due to a large population, ambitious federal renewable energy goals, and the growing electric vehicle market. There is an urgent need for energy-storage solutions.

By 2030, the United States will need an estimated 600 GWh of energy storage. This need translates into a market value of about $40 billion. However, current solutions, mainly based on lithium-iron-phosphate (LFP) or nickel/manganese/cobalt (NMC) technologies, face a fragile international lithium supply chain.

Peak Energy’s Sodium-Ion-Based Energy Storage

Peak Energy has developed a sodium-ion-based energy-storage solution. This solution is expected to be more cost-effective, durable, and easier to mass produce domestically. Sodium is more abundant and less expensive, and it is available in large reserves, especially within the United States. This availability significantly reduces geopolitical risks tied to LFP or NMC supply-chain logistics.

The company aims to create batteries that match or potentially outperform existing technologies. With its focus on quickly establishing local supply chains and domestic gigafactory construction, Peak Energy is well positioned to disrupt the energy-storage landscape.

Partnership with TDK Ventures

“Peak Energy aligns perfectly with TDK Ventures’ strategic focus on societal impact, sustainable progress, and venture-style financial return,” said Nicolas Sauvage, President of TDK Ventures. “Their sodium-ion technology offers a transformational solution for energy storage, setting the stage for a more sustainable and secure energy future.”

“With TDK Ventures’ investment and support, Peak Energy is taking a major step towards our goal of building a scalable, resilient and domestically produced battery storage solution,” said Landon Mossburg, co-founder and CEO of Peak Energy.


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