Altris-Polarium Partnership: Elevating Sodium-Ion Tech

Revolutionizing Energy Storage: Altris and Polarium’s Innovative Collaboration

The Swedish sodium-ion battery developer, Altris, has announced a significant partnership with Polarium, a leader in energy storage solutions. This collaboration aims to develop a groundbreaking energy storage solution using sodium-ion batteries, distinguished by their absence of conflict minerals and toxic elements. This partnership marks a pivotal moment in sustainable energy storage technology.

Altris’ Sodium-Ion Battery: A Leap in Energy Density

Altris has recently showcased a sodium-ion battery cell with an impressive energy density of 160Wh/kg, positioning it as a commercially viable option for sustainable energy storage solutions. The sodium-ion chemistry utilized by Altris is derived from abundant raw minerals and is free from harmful elements like nickel and cobalt. This technology promises enhanced longevity, flexible operating temperatures, and improved safety.

The Synergy of Expertise: Altris and Polarium

The collaboration brings together Altris’ cutting-edge sodium-ion battery technology and Polarium’s extensive experience in energy storage solutions. The primary goal is to tailor a sodium-ion battery cell to meet the specific needs of the residential, commercial, and industrial energy storage markets. This partnership is set to transform the energy storage landscape with its innovative approach.

A Sustainable Future: Altris and Polarium’s Vision

Björn Mårlid, CEO of Altris, emphasizes the company’s commitment to delivering safer, sustainable batteries free from conflict minerals and toxic elements. Stefan Jansson, founder and CEO of Polarium, highlights their flexibility in adapting to new technologies and the potential long-term collaboration with Altris. Polarium’s current focus on lithium-ion-based solutions could evolve to include Altris’ sodium-ion technology, offering a more sustainable and tailored option for their customers.

Altris: Pioneering Sodium-Ion Battery Development

Altris, based in Sweden, is at the forefront of sodium-ion battery development. Their work encompasses the development of cathodes, electrolytes, and battery cells, aiming to become Europe’s leading supplier of sodium-ion batteries. Their recent achievement of a 160 Wh/kg battery cell marks a significant milestone, paving the way for the giga-manufacturing of their patented cathode material, Altris Prussian White.

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