LEAD and TIAMAT Set to Revolutionize Sodium-Ion Battery Production

Lead Intelligent Equipment and TIAMAT have embarked on an exciting strategic partnership to revolutionize Sodium-ion Battery production in Europe. This alliance melds the expertise of Lead Intelligent Equipment, a global leader in new energy manufacturing equipment, with TIAMAT‘s pioneering Sodium-ion Battery technology, emanating from the reputable French research institute CNRS.

Unlocking New Avenues in Energy Storage

With the world’s first Sodium-ion Battery already introduced to the market by TIAMAT, this partnership aims to transform the automotive and energy storage sectors. The industrialization of sodium-ion batteries is at the forefront, with a visionary plan to establish a 5GWh gigafactory in Amiens. Slated to start construction in Q1 2024 for the initial 0.7 GWh unit, this project signifies a significant investment exceeding €500 million and is expected to generate over 1,200 jobs.

Catalyst for Sustainable Energy Solutions

The synergistic collaboration between Lead and TIAMAT is a critical step towards advancing Sodium-ion Battery production. With LEAD’s expertise in ensuring a swift transition to large-scale production, this partnership not only elevates LEAD’s presence in France but also fortifies its commitment to spearheading clean energy solutions globally. Nicolas Sebban, Deputy GM of LEAD France, highlights this partnership as a testament to their dedication to promoting global clean energy advancements.

A Sustainable Future Ahead

The LEAD and TIAMAT alliance is set to carve a new path in the clean energy landscape in Europe. With plans to kick start the gigafactory construction and initial units expected by Q4 2025, this groundbreaking collaboration promises an impactful shift towards a sustainable energy future, poised to redefine energy storage and electrification across the European continent.

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