Peak Energy’s Strategy for Domestic Sodium-Ion Energy Storage Systems

Peak Energy is pioneering the use of Sodium-ion Battery energy storage systems (BESS). Despite being 30% less energy dense than Lithium-ion counterparts, sodium-ion BESS are 20% to 40% cheaper. The U.S., with 19% of the world’s soda ash, is a prime location for sodium extraction.

Scaling and Partnerships

Peak Energy is overcoming scaling challenges through partnerships with international and domestic sodium cell manufacturers. This strategy aims to introduce the technology to the U.S. and generate income for local engineering sites and gigafactories.

Three-Phase Plan

Peak Energy’s plan involves three phases. Phase I, currently ongoing, involves importing Sodium-ion Battery cells from manufacturers in Asia, Europe, and North America. Small-scale demonstration systems are expected to launch next year. These systems will be scaled to several 100MW/h commercial projects by 2026.

Phase II will see Peak Energy manufacturing cells and packs domestically by late 2027 or early 2028. In 2028, the company plans to open an engineering site to design sodium-ion cells. These will be manufactured into storage systems at a gigafactory, likely in the U.S. Midwest or Southeast.

Partnerships and Investments

Peak Energy is exploring partnerships with businesses knowledgeable in Sodium-ion Battery technology. The company has received $10 million in equity investments from Eclipse Ventures and TDK Ventures. The latter owns Amperex Technology Limited, the world’s largest Lithium-ion producer.


Peak Energy is expected to qualify for model production and domestic content credits from the Inflation Reduction Act’s tax provisions. This will incentivize clean energy security once the company starts producing cells and packs domestically.


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