Reliance’s Swappable EV Batteries: Trials and Innovations

Reliance Industries, a diversified business conglomerate, is conducting trials of its swappable EV batteries. The trials are in collaboration with online grocer BigBasket in Bangalore. The batteries, currently made in-house with imported LFP cells, are part of Reliance’s integrated battery gigafab in Gujarat.

Targeting the E-Mobility Market

Reliance is focusing on the e-mobility market, particularly electric two-wheelers. The company has established swappable battery charging stations in Bangalore. EV customers can use a mobile app to find and reserve the nearest swappable battery charging station. Here, they can exchange their discharged battery for a fully charged one.

Energy Management System

Reliance has developed a next-generation energy management system. This system allows consumers to monitor and manage their electricity consumption, potentially reducing their electricity bills. The device can manage energy from various sources, including the grid, batteries, and solar power.

Investing in LFP Battery Technology

Reliance Industries is investing in cobalt-free lithium iron phosphate (LFP) technology and sodium-ion technology for its proposed energy storage giga-factory in India. The company recently acquired Sodium-ion Battery provider Faradion and LFP battery specialist Lithium Werks. This move aligns with the global trend towards cobalt-free cathode chemistries due to cobalt’s availability issues and price volatility.


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