Revolutionizing Sodium Battery Production with Microwaves

Revolutionizing Sodium Battery Production with Microwaves

The Advanced Technological Research and New Materials Institute of Egypt has developed a method to significantly cut the production cost of sodium-ion batteries. This method was detailed in an article published on September 29.

Lithium-ion Batteries: The Current Norm

Today, Lithium-ion batteries dominate the tech and automotive industries. However, lithium is a scarce and expensive mineral with limited yield. Consequently, the search for viable alternatives is underway.

Sodium Ion Batteries: A Promising Alternative

Sodium-ion batteries are one such alternative. Sodium is abundant in nature and shares similar chemistry with lithium. Moreover, it’s simpler and cheaper to obtain.

The Microwave Method

The Egyptian scientists’ study in Scientific Reports reveals a novel method. They use a domestic microwave to produce alkali metal phosphate nanocomposites. This method involves mixing iron phosphate, water, disodium phosphate, glucose, and ACM. The mixture is then ball-milled and microwaved with a rice straw ash mixture. The result is a mix of sodium, iron phosphates, and carbon nanocomposites, perfect for a Sodium-ion Battery cathode.

This microwave method is faster than other techniques and doesn’t require high-purity inert gases, reducing production costs. It could significantly lower the manufacturing cost of sodium batteries, which are still under development. Additionally, it could be used to produce sodium supercapacitors, according to the researchers.


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