Top News in Sodium-Ion Battery Sector for 2024


Recent news in the Sodium-ion Battery sector for 2024 includes several significant developments. Sodium-ion batteries are becoming a viable alternative to Lithium-ion batteries. They offer advantages in safety, raw material costs, and environmental credentials.

High-Energy Hybrid Sodium-ion Battery

Researchers at KAIST have developed a high-energy, high-power hybrid Sodium-ion Battery. This battery is capable of rapid charging. It integrates anode materials from traditional batteries with cathodes suitable for supercapacitors. This innovation achieves high storage capacities and rapid charge-discharge rates.

Mass Synthesis of Sodium-Containing Sulfides

Materials scientists at Osaka Metropolitan University have made a significant breakthrough. They developed a process for mass synthesizing sodium-containing sulfides. These sulfides are crucial for producing high-conductivity and formable solid electrolytes in all-solid-state sodium batteries. This advancement can pave the way for practical implementation.

Commercialization and Market Projections

Sodium-ion batteries are gaining traction. Analysts expect these batteries to make up 10% of the market by 2030. They will be primarily used in stationary storage and micro Electric Vehicles. This growth highlights their advantages over traditional Lithium-ion batteries.

Industry Developments and Investments

Industry leaders are making significant investments. BYD is building a 30 GWh Sodium-ion Battery gigafactory. Companies like Sodion Energy and TAILG are at the forefront of innovative technologies. JAC Motors plans to deploy Sodium-ion Battery-powered Electric Vehicles under the Yiwei brand.

First US Sodium-Ion Plant

Natron Energy has started operations at the first Sodium-ion Battery plant in the U.S. Deliveries will begin in June. The plant is expected to scale to 600 megawatts annually of sodium batteries for grid storage. This development marks a significant step forward for the Sodium-ion Battery market in the U.S.


These developments highlight the rapid progress and growing interest in Sodium-ion Battery technology. Sodium-ion batteries are poised to transform the energy storage industry. With advancements in rapid charging, mass synthesis, and increasing market share, the future looks promising for sodium-ion technology.

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