Breakthrough in EV Technology: China Launches First NEV with Sodium-Ion Battery

China’s Electric Vehicle Innovation with Sodium-ion Battery

China stands at the forefront of electric vehicle (EV) innovation with the introduction of the first mass-produced new electric vehicle (NEV) featuring a Sodium-ion Battery. This groundbreaking development by a prominent Chinese carmaker signifies a monumental step forward for the global automotive industry.

The NEV, adorned with the Yiwei brand, is the culmination of advanced technology and research. Its sodium-ion cylindrical cells, produced by HiNa Battery Technology, propel the vehicle with a substantial 23.2 kWh battery pack. Users can enjoy a stable driving range of up to 230 km on a single charge.

Remarkable Battery Features and Future Prospects

Sodium-ion batteries introduce a myriad of benefits, chief among them are ample raw material availability, superior low-temperature performance, increased conductivity, and swift charging capability. Also, the potential for higher energy density and safer transport are among its celebrated features. As asserted by Liu Shulong, a technology supervisor, these characteristics position sodium-ion batteries as a compelling alternative to the traditional Lithium-ion options.

Continuing the momentum, Xia Shunli, the deputy chief engineer, announced the launch of an extended-range, 300-km Sodium-ion Battery vehicle under the Yiwei brand, expected in the latter half of this year. This advancement reflects China’s commitment to sustainable and technologically progressive transportation solutions.

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