Acculon Energy’s New Sodium-Ion Battery Series

Acculon Energy, a leading US battery company, has recently announced the series production of its sodium-ion battery modules and packs. Acculon Energy’s new sodium-Ion battery represents a major leap in battery technology, offering a sustainable and efficient alternative to traditional battery systems.

Advantages of Sodium-Ion Technology

Sodium-ion batteries, known for their superior low-temperature performance and better power output compared to other chemistries, are rapidly gaining attention in the battery industry. Acculon’s sodium-ion products are free from conflict minerals and premium materials like lithium carbonate or cobalt, enhancing their sustainability profile.

Commitment to Safety and Flexibility

The company’s modular product architecture supports UL safety standards for both mobility and stationary energy storage applications. This approach ensures not only safety compliance but also provides the flexibility needed to meet various application specifications.

Acculon’s Dedication to Quality and Performance

Acculon Energy has invested significantly in research and development, leading to the commercialization of these sodium-ion products. The company’s commitment to rigorous testing and quality assurance is evident in their adherence to stringent safety standards and UN regulations.

Meeting the Demand for Sustainable Energy Solutions

With a scaled production capacity of 2GWh scheduled for mid-2024, Acculon Energy is poised to meet the growing demand for safe, reliable, and sustainable energy solutions. Their sodium-ion batteries are designed to cater to a wide range of electrification programs, offering a compelling value proposition for OEM customers.

About Acculon Energy

Acculon Energy, based in Columbus, OH, is a battery system developer and manufacturer with a rich history in energy storage. The company’s innovative approach combines expertise in energy storage, AI, and IoT to drive the transition to next-generation lithium-ion solutions.

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