Sunrise’s Sodium Ion Biomass Anode Project Wins Top 50 in China’s SME IEGC

Sunrise’s Innovative Project Wins Prestigious Award

Sunrise New Energy Co., Ltd. (NASDAQ: EPOW), also known as Sunrise, announced a significant achievement today. Their subsidiary, Sunrise (Guizhou) New Energy Material Co., Ltd., has won a place in the top 50 of the 2023 ‘Maker in China’ SME Innovation and Entrepreneurship Global Contest Guizhou Chapter (SME IEGC). The winning project is the ‘Development of Novel Sodium ion Biomass Anode Materials’.

About the SME IEGC

The SME IEGC is an annual global contest. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China (MIIT) directs it. The contest aims to select innovative enterprises and foster collaborative innovation in various industries. These include New Energy, Energy Saving and Environmental Protection, Information Technology, New Materials, Industrial Internet and Advanced Manufacturing, Bio-medicine and Biotechnology.

Selection Process and Winners

Experts evaluate and score the candidate projects recommended by local governments and universities. They select the winners based on outstanding technology, products, finance, and strategy. Sunrise is the only winner in the Lithium-ion battery anode material industry. It is also one of the three winners from Qianxinan Prefecture.

Chairman’s Statement

Mr. Haiping Hu, Chairman of Sunrise, expressed his pride in the achievement. ‘Winning top 50 in SME IEGC is an honor for our entire team,’ he stated. ‘This contest is one of China’s innovation and entrepreneurship contests at state level of significant global influence. It recruits innovative technology companies all over the world. Sunrise’s commitment to technological innovation, high-quality products, and talent team in the field of Lithium-ion batteries is the key to win.’


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