Stellantis Invests in Sodium-Ion EV Battery Technology

Stellantis Ventures Into Sodium-Ion Technology

Stellantis, a Dutch automotive powerhouse, recently announced strategic investments into Tiamat, a French firm pioneering Sodium-ion Battery technology for EVs. This venture, part of their Stellantis Ventures fund, was highlighted in a €22-million round also backed by Arkema France and MBDA Group.

Sodium-ion Batteries Offer a Sustainable Future

The high availability of sodium makes sodium-ion batteries a promising alternative to traditional Lithium-ion counterparts. With its lower cost per kilowatt-hour and absence of rare earth materials, this technology matches Stellantis’ Dare Forward 2030 strategy aimed at hitting carbon net zero by 2038.

Chief Engineering and Technology Officer at Stellantis, Ned Curic, stresses the importance of developing affordable, robust batteries to meet customer demands for emission-free vehicles with reliable range and performance.

Tiamat’s First Gigafactory on the Horizon

Tiamat is on track to erect a French sodium-ion gigafactory with a 5GWh capacity, thanks to support from France and the EU. The company anticipates its initial production phase of 0.7GWh to be functional by 2025’s conclusion.

Joshua S. Hill, an environmentally-focused journalist, reports that a published study confirms Tiamat’s Sodium-ion Battery as a fitting candidate for high-power energy storage applications.

With companies like Stellantis at the forefront, sodium-ion batteries may just be the North Star leading the EV industry to a cost-effective, sustainable future.

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